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Here is a selection of my reports and published papers

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Kline, R and Carnell, J (ed) (1999) Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Handbook: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd. Link

Kline, R and Preston-Shoot, M (2012) Professional Accountability in Social Care and Health: Challenging Unacceptable Practice and its Management: Sage. London. Link

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Kline, R. (2013). Discrimination by appointment. How black and minority ethnic applicants are disadvantaged in NHS staff recruitment. Public World. London.


Kline, R. (2014). The Snowy White Peaks of the NHS: a survey of discrimination in governance and leadership and the potential impact on patient care in London and England. Middlesex University Research Repository.


Kline, R. (2014) Discrimination against black and minority ethnic staff within the NHS is widespread, deep-rooted, systemic and largely unchanging LSE Politics and Policy. 23 April 2014


Priest N, Esmail A, Kline R, Rao M, Coghill Y, Williams DR. (2015) Promoting equality for ethnic minority NHS staff--what works? BMJ. 2015 Jul 8;351:h3297. doi: 10.1136/bmj.h3297.


Kline, R. (2015). Beyond the snowy white peaks of the NHS. Better Health briefing 33. Race Equality Foundation.


Carter, R, Kline, R. (2016) The crisis of public sector trade unionism: Evidence from the Mid Staffordshire hospital crisis. Capital and Class 2016


Kline R and Lewis D. (2018). The price of fear: estimating the financial cost of bullying and harassment to the NHS in England. Public Money and Management (2018).


Lewis, D and Kline, R (2019) Tackling bullying and harassment in the NHS: the critical roles played by managers. British Journal of Healthcare Management 2019 Vol. 25 No 1


Archibong, U, Kline, R, Eshareturi, C & McIntosh, B (2019) “Disrupting disproportionality in disciplinary proceedings: the recommendations”, British Journal of Healthcare Management, 25 (5), 1-6


Archibong, U, Kline, R, Eshareturi, C & McIntosh, B (2019) “Disproportionality in NHS disciplinary proceedings”, British Journal of Healthcare Management, 25 (3), 2


Kline, Roger (2019) Leadership in the NHS | BMJ Leader Why inclusion is not an optional extra


Beyond the snowy white peaks of the NHS? Better. Health. Briefing 39. A Race Equality Foundation. Briefing Paper. August 2015

Kline, Roger (2023) 'Racism: Some HR teams get it and some don't' in Health Sector Journal, 23 Feb 2023. Link

Kline, Roger (2023) 'We need to hold leaders to account on racial discrimination' in Health Service Journal  March 2023. Link 

Kline, Roger (2023) 'NHS policy on bullying and discrimination is an evidence-free zone' in Health Service Journal, 6 June 2023. Link

Kline, Roger (2023) 'Paradigm lost? Reflections on the effectiveness of NHS approaches to improving employment relations' in BMJ Leader, April 2023. Link

Kline, Roger (2023) 'An open letter to Stephen Barclay on diversity' in BMJ Leader, 4 May 2023. Link

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Dave Hughes and Roger Kline (1968) The Minority Report 1968 (Keele University)

Kline, R. Can socialism come through Parliament? 1977

Kline R. (1985) Dudley Council Ltd. The role of Freemasons in Dudley Council (1985).  TURC Publishing

Kline, R. Mallaber J. (1986) Whose value? whose money?: how to assess the real value of council services. Local Government Information Unit, Birmingham Trade Union Resource Centre. Link

Nick Clark & Roger Critchley & David Hall & Roger Kline & Dexter Whitfield, 1987. "The Sheffield council Jobs Audit - Why and how?," Local Economy, London South Bank University, vol. 1(4), pages 3-21, February. Link

Kline, R. (1987) Heroes then. Sacked now. The treatment of seafarers who risked their lives to save others in the Herald of free enterprise disaster and then lost their jobs

Kline, R. Managing safely. A guide for managers to the duty of care. (1989) HVA

Kline, R. Action for school health HVA (1991)

Kline, R. Speaking out for Speech and Language Therapy (1991)

Kline R. The 29 Steps. The steps Ministers have told NHS organisations to take on recruitment, retention, morale and health of staff. 1997. MSF.

Roger Kline and Tina Disciplinary procedures in the NHS. A guide to good practice. 1998. MSF


Kline, R with Brendan Martin and Shazia Khan (2013) The Duty of Care. Public World

Kline, R. (2013) Discrimination by Appointment. Public World. Link

Kline, R and Dunleavey, D (2017) Smoke and Mirrors:  Race equality in the Fire and Rescue Service. Link
Kline, R, Naqvi, H. Razaq S and Wilhelm, R. (2017) NHS workforce race equality standard. Data analysis report for NHS Trusts. NHS EDC. Link

Kline, R. (2018) Inequality in recruitment outcomes for Black and Minority Ethnic staff within the Care Quality Commission. Link

Chaffer, D. Kline, R and Woodward S. (2019) Being Fair. NHS Resolution. Ensuring a just culture which supports staff and patients following incidents. Link

Atewologun, D and Kline, R. Fair to Refer. (2019). Reducing disproportionality in fitness to practise concerns reported to the GMC. Link

Kline R and Nath, V (2020) Bullying and harassment of staff: Next steps for the London School of Economics 

Kline R and Somra G (2021) Difference Matters: The impact of ethnicity of speaking up. Link

Numerous submissions to Government consultations and evidence to Parliamentary Committees.

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Here are a selection of my blogs and other writings. For my more up-to-date blogs, click here.


Roger Kline: Blame culture out in the open | The Independent (16 Jul 2002)

When something serious goes wrong in the NHS, the search generally begins for someone to blame.


NHS whistleblowers must be protected or there will be more deaths. It is crucial that health service managers face up to mistakes and learn lessons from them. (Guardian December 2011)



No new dawn  The old regime at the CQC falls

Bad day at office for CQC   Gagging clauses at the CQC

After Lawrence, we should be ashamed  he victimisation of Elliot Browne, senior NHS BME scientist


Equality in social care practice: still a long way to go. After improvements in local government training and recruitment, why aren't there more BME social workers? Roger Kline looks at the figures.


Britain’s school reforms are leaving vulnerable children in the shadows

Privatisation and deregulation of Britain's schools is leading to a growing number of children losing education and protection.

Why is NHS staffing black at the bottom and white at the top? Recent data from the new NHS Commissioning Board show that white applicants to its positions are far more likely to succeed

Workplace bullying in health and social care: bad for staff, worse for the people they serve In this Anti-Bullying Week, let's remember that staff are not the only victims

‘Employee engagement’: control or empowerment? Britain's NHS Employers support the government-backed Engage for Success. But what do they mean by 'employee engagement'?

Whistleblowing: publicly encouraged but still dangerous With the BBC Panorama programme today exposing yet another mistreatment scandal, we ask: why is whistleblowing still so risky?

Circle Health: bringing social enterprise into disrepute? Less than a year after its takeover of Hinchingbrooke health trust, falling performance and staff cuts are bad signs.

Health care professionals kept quiet about Jimmy Savile: why didn’t they speak out? Sexual abuse allegations against the late BBC presenter have not shocked all nurses. So why didn't anyone whistleblow?

The price of misplaced loyalty

Britain's NHS is often not a safe place to raise concerns about patient care or poor practice or financial skulduggery

Whistle while you work - if you dare. Health Service Journal 25 October 2012



Mid Staffs:A True Test For Accountability:


Equality in social care practice: still a long way to go


The law is clear, what about NHS culture? On gagging clauses

Heads to roll  Elliot Browne. Again


Safe staffing and skill mix: a hot topic for the NHS in 2014 The NICE review of safe staffing levels must be genuinely based on evidence and consultation, as Robert Francis recommended

The ambulance service: what about the workers? The NHS staff survey reveals strong evidence of dissatisfaction among ambulance staff. What is being done about it?

Should health care assistants be less regulated than vets? As Francis showed, when hospitals are under pressure to cut budgets there is a strong temptation to get the skills mix wrong.

Employ enough trained staff and engage with them better: key lessons of the Keogh Review The real lessons about how the NHS can improve are being lost in the political ping pong

The NHS can learn from aviation—but not from Ryanair Aviation safety depends on getting 'human factors' right. That requires an open and just culture. The NHS needs the same.

Bullying part II: Speaking truth to power is good (but may be dangerous in the NHS) This is Part 2 of a blog entitled “Bullying: the silent epidemic in the NHS"

We need to talk about this: racial discrimination in NHS recruitment

Our new research report raises big questions that suggest racial discrimination in NHS recruitment. This simply has to stop.


Bullying: the silent epidemic in the NHS

In the first part of a series on bullying in the NHS, Roger Kline looks at the scale of the problem and how it has grown.


The NHS tops the league table for workplace stress. Staff and patients deserve better. The NHS is suffering a stress epidemic. Tackling that problem should be at the heart of efforts to improve patient care.

NHS staff need support to raise concerns about care standards. Our new handbook can help. NHS staff need practical advice about how to raise and pursue concerns about safety and standards: here it is!

Never again? Roger Kline argues that Jeremy Hunt’s response to the Francis Report is inadequate. Is the government serious about learning from Mid Staffs? Judging by its response to Francis, it doesn't look like it.

What David Cameron’s new patient safety tsar said five years ago. You might be surprised. The British government has appointed Don Berwick to advise on patient safety. Did they realise what he stands for? 

In defence of constructive criticism of the National Health Service What kind of leadership does the NHS need? A former Health Secretary and a doctor point the way.

Go West to save and improve the NHS

While the government takes steps to privatise the NHS, an inspiring lecture from Professor Michael West showed how to improve it

Defensive denial won’t save the NHS—Roger Kline’s blog NHS staff feel under attack, but if they take it out on campaigners for better services we will all be losers

Francis: good in parts, but be careful what you wish for The public inquiry into the Mid Staffs scandal showed the need for culture change -- but will the report deliver it?

Colchester cancer scandal shows how deep NHS culture change needs to be. Roger Kline and Kim Holt 7 Nov 2013


 Zero-hours contracts are inappropriate in the field of social care work. Contracts in which hours can be given or removed as reward or punishment make bullying easier and whistleblowing dangerous. 21 Aug 2013


Staff equality and patient safety are intrinsically linked 16 September 2013 Using lessons in safety to tackle prejudice

Twelve steps to safer whistleblowing


Organisations that engage staff provide the best care 2 September 2013

Should David Nicholson stay or should he go? Roger Kline examines both sides of the argument HSJ 21 February 2013

Roger Kline: 'Denying race bias exists in the NHS is damaging ... 13 Nov 2013 ›

Roger Kline: 'With Francis' main concerns ignored, expect more scandals .. 28 May 2013 ›

Roger Kline: The long walk to equality | HSJ Knowledge ...    HSJ  26 Nov 2013    

Will private sector secrecy stop the NHS becoming more open? 1 October 2013



The snowy white peaks of the NHS: time to end the denial

Black and minority ethnic people are seriously under-represented in the NHS leadership, and that matters to us all


First patient safety ombudswoman fights to change NHS culture of silence


NHS racism: You can’t tackle a problem if you deny it exists, Earl Howe 11 April 2014


999 for the ambulance service?

The NHS staff survey shows especially low morale in the ambulance service. What can be done about it?


How to make every day NHS Change Day If NHS staff were more systematically involved in planning and implementing decisions every day would be NHS Change Day


One year on from Francis: how much has changed in the NHS?

The challenge of making the cultural changes demanded by the Francis Report remain, but we now know more about how to do it.


It’s time to stop bullying in the NHS – for the sake of patients. Bullying whistle-blowers has damaged staff health and cost employers sick pay and turnover,  The Guardian:25 Sep 2014


Is the NHS institutionally racist?  A new report highlights that there are very few senior healthcare professionals from BME backgrounds:  The Guardian 14 Apr 2014


Whistleblowers who raise concerns still at risk of losing their job The Guardian March 2014 Sharmila Chowdhury was suspended and dismissed after raising concerns that medical consultants were moonlighting,

First patient safety ombudswoman fights to change NHS culture of silence Former whistleblower Delilah Hesling believes time, courage and leadership is needed for change, The Guardian 10 Feb 2014

Francis' whistleblowing inquiry is just the tip of the iceberg. 26 June 2014 HSJ Past reports have failed to address bullying

'Race discrimination is a serious risk to patient experience' 10 April 2014 HSJ.Evidence shows lack of progress on diversity.


 The long walk to equality 27 November 2013 HSJ Race equality in the NHS: are we moving forward or not?


Equality Analysis on the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard  

Discrimination against black and minority ethnic ... - LSE Blogs  23 Apr 2014 - ...

The NHS is at a crossroads after the Francis Report - LSE Blogs ›



The NHS cannot afford to ignore bullying any longer. Bullying undermines safe patient care, demoralises staff and leads to less effective teams 16 Aug 2016


On avoidance and denial July 09 2015 Research Fellow Roger Kline comments on findings of bullying and harassment in the NHS, and reveals a lack of action being taken to combat unfair pressure on staff

Addressing race discrimination within the NHS June 04 2015 Research Fellow Roger Kline examines research on discrimination within the NHS and explains how a bullying culture is harming patient care


Address structural challenges to make thought diversity work 25 March 2015 Diversity of thought needs to be combined with a challenge to structural and systemic obstacles

Race inequality of NHS staff is putting patients at risk 3 March 2015

BME findings of the Francis whistleblowing report explained

It's time to tackle bullying 6 November 2015 Making the case for a national strategy on bullying

Rose misses the chance to tackle bullying and inequality 29 July 2015 The Rose Report on NHS Leadership is remarkable for what it doesn’t say


Joy Warmington and Roger Kline: Unconscious bias – silver bullet or just a useful tool? 5 November 24, 2015 


Pushing water up the hill. October 23, 2015


Aidan Halligan. Goodbye to a good and wise man. April 28, 2015  


Beyond the Snowy White peaks of the NHS? Better Health Briefing Paper 39. Race Equality Foundation


Executive search agencies – another set of “snowy white peaks”? Roger Kline 20/02/2015


Bullying puts patients at risk November 14 2016 NHS equality expert Roger Kline calls for greater focus on the impact of bullying on patients as well as staff

More of the same simply won’t do  August 18 2016 Roger Kline asks, will the government move beyond words to take action on race discrimination in the NHS?

Can rallying behind the NHS bring Britain back together again? June 27 2016 Could the new social media campaign #LoveOurEUStaff help counter the risks posed by Brexit? asks Roger Kline

Will the Snowy White Peaks finally start to melt? June 02 2016 Research Fellow Roger Kline on what progress is being made towards greater diversity at senior level in the NHS

How can we end the NHS ‘blame culture’? April 28 2016 Roger Kline discusses the Incident Decision Tree which tests the context of patient safety issues

Has NHS patient safety culture improved since Mid Staffordshire? April 05 2016 Roger Kline explores whether implementing an NHS whistleblowing policy has improved the safety of patients

CAN A SIMPLE PATIENT SAFETY TOOL HELP THE NHS END ITS ‘BLAME CULTURE’? April 28, 2016 When things go wrong in the workplace, it is all too easy to lay the blame on individual  members of staff

Racism in the NHS: don’t let the unspeakable become acceptable 18 July 2016


Race equality in the NHS: a balance sheet HSJ 26 October 2016


Employers need evidence to melt the snowy white peaks 21 June 2016 Previous attempts to eliminate race discrimination from the NHS have failed. Employers must use research evidence to shape interventions and metrics to hold managers to account


In recruitment, some habits die hard 6 December 3, 2016   


Some thoughts shared with staff at the Royal Free Hospital on October 12th 2016 during Black History month. October 29, 2016 


A very slippery slope. Foreign woekers: from Oswald Mosley to today’s home secretary 6 October 7, 2016

On the "bonfire" of "regulations and red tape" The human cost of cutting health and safety regulations6 September 30, 2016


Not for the first time. Or the last. The duty of care sometimes requires services to be stopped rather than run unsafely.   August 25, 2016


Suspension at work - a breach of the duty of trust and confidence?  6 April 25, 2016


In denial? It’s time we took race discrimination in disciplinary action seriously

6 April 17, 2016

A salutary tale April 8, 2016   Race discrimination in an NHS community trust


All NHS staff are equal, but some are less equal than others (in this case women) April 3, 2016

In the NHS, culture eats policy and procedure for breakfast. Bullying, whistleblowing and NHS policies. 6 March 29, 2016


The Snowy White Peaks of the NHS Executive Search agencies January 23, 2016


Bullying in healthcare: the sound of silence still prevails January 9, 2016 




How much progress is the NHS making on workforce diversity? Overturning decades of discrimination will not happen overnight but there have been small yet significant improvements Published:16 May 20176  The Guardian





LOST AND FOUND: THE AUDIT COMMISSION ON RACE EQUALITY A report ahead of its time January 9, 2017


NHS bullying: too high and too hard to tackle 7 August 2017 Organisations tend to wait for individuals to raise concerns rather than proactively tackle the bullying culture, notes Roger Kline


The budget and the duty of care 7 November 23, 2017 


Sir Humphrey has an epiphany.

The Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Strategy October 20, 2017


Goodbye and hello! 7 July 14, 2017 The official statement on my leaving as Director of the Workforce race Equality Standard. (the real reason must wait for another day).


The fish rots from the head. Leadership at the Civil Aviation Authority should hold its head in shame 7 June 24, 2017

Let them eat toast. On childrens hunger and Government policy7 May 21, 2017

Disciplinary procedures and the death of a good nurse. The scandalous events that led to the death of Amin Abdullah, May 14, 2017

I’m sorry, but I have to talk about bullying again March 20, 2017

On the endangered species of white men in the Boardroom. March 12, 2017

The Herald of Free Enterprise sinking: the forgotten sacking of heroes 7 March 6, 2017

Thank you Sarah January 14, 2017

Some rather good tweets from the former Torty chair of the Health Select Committee (no, not you Jeremy, you were the Secretary of State)


That big red bus and the use of language January 2, 2017


These may cheer you up….  7 January 1, 2017 Six blogs I enjoyed reading


Equality in the NHS: a work in progress December 15 2017 Roger Kline revisits the Workplace Race Equality Standard and examines the impact it’s had on the NHS since its introduction in 2014

Rethinking disciplinary action in the NHS December 15 2017 Roger Kline outlines the cost of disciplinary investigations and puts forward a case for more learning and less blame when mistakes are made in the NHS

A suitable case for treatment April 06 2017 NHS equality expert Roger Kline on the disproportionate referrals of BME nurses and midwives to the Nursing and Midwifery Council

Race equality remains a major policy challenge January 09 2017 Equality expert Roger Kline revisits a 2004 Audit Commission report to show that many of its findings are as relevant today as they were then



NHS bullying isn't just toxic for staff: it's costing billions More than £2bn every year that could be used on patient care is draining away as a result of harassment in the health service. November 2018

Diversity and inclusion are not optional extras if the NHS wishes to improve. 17 October 2018

Questions to ask if conducting an inquiry about workplace racism  5 September 2018.  With allegations into racial discrimination at the workplace rarely upheld by employers or courts, Roger Kline, Naledi Kline and Joy Warmington give a set of questions for investigators to ensure more robust investigations


Bias in discipline: enough really is enough. LinkedIn. November 24, 2018


The refusal to accept that NHS whistle blowers might suffer post-traumatic stress disorder is a further punishment they don’t deserve. October 13, 2018


No quick fixes for fair recruitment  November 05 2018 Joy Warmington and Roger Kline question the continued lack of diversity in the recruitment processes of large organisations

NMC Fitness to Practice: a radical change? April 03 2018 Roger Kline examines the NMC’s latest consultation on their fitness to practise processes

Think very carefully  October 1, 2018

The Sound of Silence  

The elephant in the room. August 12, 2018


The new NHS staff survey data on bullying looks as bad as last year. 8 March 11, 2018


Important evidence for diversity (despite the source) January 22, 2018


NMC Fitness to Practice: a radical change? April 03 2018 In this post Roger Kline, Research Fellow at Middlesex University Business School, examines a new consultation document from the Nursing and Midwifery Council, which includes long-overdue changes to the NMC’s Fitness to Practice processes.



Making the NHS a fairer and more supportive environment   10 July 2019

Seen as ’outsiders’, overseas and BAME doctors are disproportionately referred to GMC and lack support, note Doyin Atewologun and Roger Kline


Grenfell. Thoughts of a former Chief Fire Officer. LinkedIn November 10, 2019


Lorraine Cameron. A wonderful human being and an agent for change on equality, diversity and inclusion LinkedIn July 16, 2019  


If not, why not? LinkedIn    March 3, 2019


Would Philip Green pass the NHS Fit and Proper Person test on discrimination and harassment? LinkedIn February 21, 2019  


Unconscious bias: now you see it, now you don’t? October 11 2019 Roger Kline examines a recent case of race discrimination in the workplace, in which unconscious bias was overlooked by the employer

Is much NHS discipline unfair and pointless? July 16 2019 Roger Kline examines the effectiveness of disciplinary action in the NHS

The NHS Long Term Plan & toxic workplace culture February 07 2019 Roger Kline examines the new NHS Long Term Plan and asks if it’s enough to change organisation’s future

The NHS needs to up its game on diversity at senior level



Roger Kline: What if a patient wants to choose the ethnicity of their doctor? 13 Feb 2020


The NHS response to BME staff’s Covid deaths was late and lopsided 8 June 2020


If not now, why? June 21, 2020 After George Floyd we have no choice but to challenge discrimination


Better late than never. May 5, 2020 At last. We finally have decent guidance on Covid risk assessments from NHS Improvement and NHS Employers

“It’s a slope not a level playing field” March 7, 2020 On recruitment outcomes.


The lifecycle of the whistleblower  February 8, 2020 A retread of a 2013 article on the treatment of whistleblowers. It still rings true too often.

A New Year’s Resolution on NHS disciplinary action. LinkedIn January 13, 2020


The disproportionate deaths of NHS staff during COVID-19 April 22 2020

The depressing state of bullying in the NHS February 19 2020

False harmony and the embedding of inequality January 07 2020  Evidence vs politicians on identity and discrimination


COVID-19: What employers do (or don't do) makes a big ... › health-care › covid-19...  29 May 2020


NHS Covid 19 and health care worker deaths: questions that need asking ... › health-care › nhs-covi...

what now for NHS staff race discrimination? by Roger Kline › bmjleader › 2020/06/13 › after-the-spee... 13 Jun 2020 - 

After the speeches: what now for NHS staff race ... - BMJ Blogs › bmjleader › 2020/06/13 › after-the-spee...


COVID-19 deaths and NHS staff. What can we conclude? April 30 2020.

It could have been useful……    Useless advice on the mitigation of the risks from Covid from people who should have known better.   November 26, 2020

The bullying of whistle blowers. Again.

November 6, 2020

Revealed: high cost of bullying in the NHS - Roger Kline - The ... › expert-blog › bullying-in-the-nhs-r...

Fairness at work - Roger Kline OBE | Fab NHS Stuff › fab-stuff › fairness-work-roger-kline


A very long and slow walk: There is much still to ... - LSE Blogs › politicsandpolicy › a-very-long-and-slo...



Pay attention to the “stretch” 2021 November 28, 2021    Disparity in access to stretch opportunities.

Unfinished business Roger Kline August 10, 2021    The treatment of Karen Rai and Andrew Wardley by The Christie is a scandal 15.10.21Research Fellow Roger Kline reviews a paper on the impact of joint-evaluation methods in NHS recruitment.

 A tale of two metrics - MDX Minds

A growing number of Trusts have adopted a simple accountability nudge which aims to interrupt bias by requiring line managers to explain to a very senior manager, prior to any disciplinary investigation being started, why a formal disciplinary investigation is the only way of addressing an alleged concern. › 2021/09/16 › no-more-tick-boxes    No more tick boxes… - MDX Minds

The blog summarising the report. Despite a blizzard of initiatives, inequalities in NHS promotion remain, writes Roger Kline. Even for those who have perfected the art of looking the other way, the last set of data NHS


Racism which impacts healthcare staff endangers patient care November 22 2021



The depressing state of bullying in the NHS February 19 2020 September 22 2022


Long Covid: After the clapping       2022June 22, 2022  


Don’t shoot the Messenger    June 13, 2022


A case study in wilful blindness and workplace racism in the NHS?    May 23, 2022

“We enter with jet black hair and hope, but leave with grey hair and broken hearts.”   February 7, 2022

A case study in denial. How the leadership of an NHS Trust have contempt for the facts even after an external review  February 3, 2022  On The Christie Hiospital NHS FT

The invisible NHS bank army       November 7, 2022   

CQC: still just not good enough     September 7, 2022

CQC, inspect thyself.      September 5, 2022


Devastating cost of ignoring human factors exposed in ferry sinking – what I told the Channel 5 documentary November 11 2022


September 2022 Zero tolerance for bullying in healthcare?


Why the NHS’s ‘menopause passport’ is important Wendy MaddenRandeep Kaur KularRoger Kline1 December 2022



Appraisals: beware the tick box


The scandalous treatment of Michelle Cox

EHRC fires warning shots at Integrated Care Boards 

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