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This is what I do and don't do.

My values: 
•    social justice, 
•    fairness and equality, 
•    compassion and inclusion, 
•    treating others as I would like to be treated myself

I promised myself and family that I would radically cut my work down in 2020. It’s not happened as fast as it should but it is reducing!

I do...

  • very short pieces of work linked to workplace culture – bullying, race discrimination, whistleblowing, disciplinary action. These may include Board and leadership team presentations, short reports, meetings with staff groups and some training

  • guidance, blogs and longer commentaries on the above and related issues

  • strategic advice to a small number of campaigns including to organisations

  • use Twitter and Linked In to share views, information and meet people

I do not do...

  • any larger pieces of advice or reports

  • individual representation

I often work jointly with a very small number of other individuals and organisations. Over the last two years these have primarily been the excellent:

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