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Some new writings

Here's a selection of some recent writings that have appeared elsewhere.

NHS policy on bullying and discrimination is an evidence-free zone

6 June 2023 HSJ

The existing HR strategies in the NHS lack evidence-based approaches, which hinders their effectiveness in tackling discrimination and bullying. To establish a safer and more equitable workplace, proactive measures, accountability, and debiasing processes are crucial, explains Roger Kline

Paradigm lost? Reflections on the effectiveness of NHS approaches to improving employment relations

April 2023

The National Health Service in England has largely relied on a human resources trilogy of policies, procedures and training to improve organisational culture. Evidence from four interventions using this paradigm—disciplinary action, bullying, whistleblowing and recruitment and career progression—confirms research findings that this approach, in isolation, was never likely to be effective. An alternative methodology is proposed, elements of which are beginning to be adopted, which is more likely to be effective

An open letter to Stephen Barclay on diversity

4 May 2023

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